Premium Imported Beer and Wine

We are proud to offer an excellent selection of premium imported beers and wine to our customers.

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We offer a variety of imported beers and wines, coffee, tea and non-alcoholic beverages.

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    • Imported Beer

    • Lasko Club Beer

      Lasko Club Beer


      A beer from Lasko, Slovenia.  It’s called the Lasko Club Export and it is brewed by Pivovarna Lasko.  Laško Club is a pale beer with specific sweet character and mild bitterness, made of top domestic and foreign recognized sorts of hop.  It has rich taste and is adequate for special occasions: dinner with friends, business meetings… or a party with friends in your favorite pub.

    • Leikeim Beer

      Leikeim Beer


      Brewed by Familien-Brauhaus Leikeim
      Altenkunstadt, Germany

      Light golden honey color; One and a half finger head and crumpety white foam which lasts for 90 seconds. Excellent sticky lacing and active, slow-rising carbonation; Fragrant aroma of malt.  Mid to light sweet taste of moderate malt, with faint floral, molasses.

    • Niksicko Pivo

      Niksicko Pivo


      Brewed by Trebjesa (MolsonCoors)
      Style: Pale Lager
      Nikšic, Montenegro

      Brewed with natural ingredients and pure mountain water, is the number one quality beer in the former Yugoslavia. A pils beer, it has an alcohol content of 5% vol and contains 11.4% malt extract.

    • Primator Beer

      Primator Beer


      Brewed by Pivovar Náchod (LIF)
      Style: German Hefeweizen
      Náchod, Czech Republic
      Award winning Primator Hefe-Weizen, a top fermented unfiltered wheat beer, is handcrafted using only the finest ingredients.  Has earned Primator Hefe-Weizen and other awards, including the "Europe’s Best Grain-only Wheat Beer: (World Beer Awards).

    • Stella Artois

      Stella Artois


      Brewed by InBev Belgium
      Style: Pale Lager
      Stella Artois is one of the world’s best-selling beers and is enjoyed in more than 80 countries. Its full, characteristic flavor and high quality is assured through a superior brewing process and by using the finest ingredients available.

    • Stiegl Salsburger Beer

      Stiegl Salsburger Beer


      Brewed by:  Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg GmbH Austria
      Availability: Year-round

      Hazy golden color with floating particles. White foamy 3 finger head lasting around 5 minutes. Strong legs with subtle activity.  Faint aromas and flavors of grains with floral and herbal spices. Sharp and crisp taste of pleasant bitterness.  Light slick body with some nice carbonation.

    • Wine

      Wines from Germany, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia and more

    • Wine by the bottle

      $23.75 - $24.25
    • Wine by the Glass

    • Coffee

      Organic Columbian Supremo, Italian Roast, Mudslide, Royal Danish Decaf

    • Coffee - small

      Sm.$1.75/ Med. $2.25/ Lg. $2.50
    • Iced Coffee

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • Café Au Lait

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • Espresso Drinks

    • Espresso

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.75
    • Cappuccino

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • Latté

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • Con panna

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • Red Eye

      Sm. $3.75/Med. $4.25/Lg. $4.75
    • Specialty Beverages

    • Chai tea

      Sm. $3.75/Med. $4.25/Lg. $5.25
    • Charged Chai

      Sm. $3.75/Med. $4.25/ Lg. $4.75
    • Steamer

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • Iced Tea

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • Chocolate Drinks

    • White Mocha

      Sm. $4.25/Med. $4.75/Lg. $5.25
    • Dave's Drink

      Sm. $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • Europa Mocha

      Sm. $3.75/Med. $4.25/Lg. $4.75
    • Café Voltaire

      Sm. $4.50/Med. $5.00/Lg. $5.50
    • Scott's Toddy

      Sm. $4.50/Med. $5.00/Lg. $5.50
    • Hot Chocolate

      Sm $3.25/Med. $3.75/Lg. $4.25
    • John's Mocha More Choco

      Sm. $4.50/Med. $5.00/Lg. $5.50
    • Non-Alcoholic Beverages

    • Soft drinks (Pepsi products, 12 oz.)

    • Juice (Apple, Cranberry, Orange Mango, Lemonade, Orange)

    • Smoothies - Large


      Made with Fresh Fruit - All Organic


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